Remove the default block patterns from WordPress

Unregister all default patterns

If you want to remove all the default block patterns*, add the below snippet to your functions.php or plugin file. You will still be able to register your own patterns (read our guide on how to make patterns here).

add_action('init', function() {

Unregister a single default pattern

If you are looking to remove a single default pattern use the below snippet in your functions.php. Replace ‘core/two-buttons’ etc with the pattern you want to remove.

add_action('init', function() {
	if (!function_exists('unregister_block_pattern')) {

*Patterns is a new feature (Aug 2020) in the block editor that lets you save and reuse patterns of many blocks. It is similar to reusable blocks, but they are not global by default.

The default WordPress block patterns.

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